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Obsurvus is a UK leader in structural monitoring, with decades of experience supporting projects valued at hundreds of millions of pounds. When you can't afford a mistake, Obsurvus' structural monitoring is the safe choice - above and below ground, in the built environment and natural landscapes alike.

Structural monitoring

Obsurvus - Pioneering Deformation Monitoring
Obsurvus' track record in deformation monitoring is extensive, spanning numerous industries. This greater experience lets our team bring encyclopaedic knowledge to each new survey. It also means we're at the cutting edge of technology - using the latest and best equipment to the very full. In fact, Obsurvus puts more expertise, and more experience, into every project we work on. As a client, you'll see the impressive benefits.

Obsurvus - Monitoring For Every Need
Almost every kind of land user can suffer from subsidence and deformation, or worry about their potential impact. At Obsurvus, we understand that no two deformation monitoring schemes are exactly the same - and we do everything we can to create your ideal solution. 

Obsurvus - Assuring Britain's Infrastructure
Every day, millions of Britons rely on infrastructure that Obsurvus helps to protect. Obsurvus delivers monitoring for National Grid facilities right across the UK - and monitors National Grid gas pipelines in 3D, too. Add our monitoring work for the Coal Authority, and a clear picture emerges: Obsurvus helps safeguard the nation's most critical infrastructure.

Our expertise doesn't stop there, however. Taking a weekend break to Paris? You'll be pleased to learn that you're in safe hands: Obsurvus played a vital role in monitoring the Channel Tunnel project. In fact, you'll be surprised just how many places benefit from our help. Obsurvus provides deformation monitoring in sites as diverse as airports, chemical plants, coal mines, commercial units, churches, highway networks, residential estates, schools, and tunnelling projects.

Some of our clients...

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive Keir National Grid The Coal Authority
Structural MonitoringStructural
Topographic SurveysTopographic
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