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Obsurvus is a UK leader in structural monitoring, with decades of experience supporting projects valued at hundreds of millions of pounds. When you can't afford a mistake, Obsurvus' structural monitoring is the safe choice - above and below ground, in the built environment and natural landscapes alike.

Traditional Monitoring Services

Structural Condition Monitoring covers the principles and approach of protecting assets, structures, buildings, land and lives in a wide range of environments. Obsurvus conduct movement monitoring surveys in a wide range of sectors and environments all over the UK; 

Any asset or structure could suffer from instability at any surprising moment, integrity can be questioned and assets require monitoring to prove stability, or to mitigate. Equally, a threat of movement on your structures may well already exist, and it’s wise to seek advice as a monitoring solution may be required sooner than you anticipate. Water and other geological factors constantly alter the stability of ground, engineering projects alter ground conditions and load, vegetation and trees impact the integrity of structures. Load on the ground changes over time due to a range of factors and there are many ways we can quantify, record and report on movement and stress on assets important to you.  Obsurvus consider each project unique from the outset and employ our knowledge and experience in our monitoring proposals. It’s important to consider the merits of traditional monitoring and remote monitoring solutions, at times the two can complement each other and we can advise what best suits your project and budget.  

Traditional methods require commitments of staffing levels on site at periodic intervals and employ technologies such as GNSS (GPS), Total Stations or Multi Stations, Levelling teams, manual reading of crack sensors or strain gauges or other monitoring sensors. We can quantify movement in absolute or relative terms and the specific approach of technology and methods would be decided following assessment of the site/structure. 

Traditional approaches to monitoring have many positives;  

  • Mobilisation & Installation (Often quicker than remote solutions) 
  • Versatility & Adaptable (Can easily be altered, expanded or morph with the project) 
  • Familiarity of site conditions (Personnel on site build knowledge of the environment) 
  • More suitable for level monitoring (quantifying vertical movement) 
  • Potentially cheaper equipment and resources
  • Absolute & Differential data 
Traditional Monitoring Services

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote monitoring methods enable us to quantify movements and stresses with minimal visits to site. Often, these methods involve and communicate with greater reliance on technology and there is a greater dependency on digital interpretation of data which is gathered remotely on a separate network or server that can be configured to report at agreed intervals and notify nominated persons if movement is detected. There are many benefits of remote monitoring and this methodology is more suited to projects ongoing over longer periods of time. We may see instances where the two approaches of traditional and remote methods would be well placed to complement each other and we would advise if this is the case. We would require a site visit in any case and any remote monitoring schedule can be designed following consultations and assessment. 

Remote Monitoring solutions have many positives; 

  • Continuous data with remote access and alerts
  • Digital data and communications 
  • Perfect for highlighting seasonal and environmental variations 
  • Becomes more economical over long time periods 
  • Greater confidence in data interpretation 
  • Staff spend less time exposed to hazards 

Why conduct structural/movement monitoring? 

  • Moral & Legal Obligations 
  • Risk 
  • Location 
  • Environment & Geophysical Conditions 
  • Timescales & Consequences 
  • Knowledge 
  • Budget (monitoring solutions have the hidden ability to save money) 

Some of the environments you’ll currently find us conducting traditional monitoring methods and employing remote continuous solutions in;  

  • Slope Monitoring 
  • High Pressure Gas Pipes 
  • Tunnel/Adit Monitoring 
  • Residential Properties 
  • Commercial Properties 
  • Heritage Properties 
  • Chemical Plants
Remote Monitoring Solutions

Surface Analysis & Distortion

Obsurvus can provide a specialist service which analyses and reports on the integrity of a structure or a surface of a structure. This service is unique in that we benefit from new developments in technology and software to provide details relating to tilt, distortion, twist, bulge and flatness. The environments and structures in which Obsurvus can conduct surface analysis are not limited to the following; 

  • Tank Surveys 
  • Bridge Surveys 
  • Retaining Wall Surveys 
  • Elevation Surveys of Buildings/Structures 
  • Roads 
  • Steel Supports 
  • Most structures whether they're vertical, curved, flat or horizontal.

Please contact us and we can advise if we can conduct surveys of surface analysis on your structures/assets. 

Surface Analysis & Distortion

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