Twenty five years ago, Peter Munby took the plunge and decided to work for himself.

Obsurvus - twenty five years of surveying

Previously having worked for the National Coal Board and British Coal Corporation, Peter  used his experience in mine surveying and mining subsidence engineering to create P M C Surveys.  Little did he know that from this fledgling one man band, a specialist chartered surveying firm would evolve.

With a dedication to, and passion for providing a responsive service to underserved clients, PMC Surveys began to garner an enviable reputation which led to them being approached to work on major prestigious projects; including the Heathrow Express and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

Initially, Peter enlisted extra help as and when it was required until it became clear that a workforce as committed as he, was a prerequisite in order to continue to serve the rapidly expanding client base of PMC Surveys.

One person keen to be involved was  Peter's son, Paul.  After initially assisting his father in the field with topographic, volumetric and boundary surveys, Paul now leads the company proudly into the next twenty five years.

PMC Surveys, which is now known as Obsurvus, never hesitated to take on major or diverse projects, confident in the expertise, knowledge and problem solving skills of its team.  

"The company has grown in size and market prominence due to an ongoing quest for change, a commitment to constantly evolve and the enthusiasm of my fellow Director, Paul, who now leads the company with a drive for change and excellence," says Peter.  "It has been an honour and a privilege to work on so many great projects.  Never did I imagine 25 years ago, that PMC Surveys would revolutionise chartered surveying.  The pride and satisfaction which I feel is due to the loyalty of my team and the respect of our clients."

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