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No two plots of land are identical, and no two clients are the same. That's why Obsurvus' surveys are designed around your unique needs. Whether you're building a home or laying a pipeline - an Obsurvus topographic survey will always meet your legal and professional requirements.

Topographic Surveys

Obsurvus - Serving The Whole UK
Wherever clients need quality land surveys, Obsurvus is there. Obsurvus has surveyed land in almost every corner of the UK, and almost every environment. From the City of London, to the remotest Scottish heathland. Some surveyors say they go the extra mile, but Obsurvus really means it.

Obsurvus - Performance Technology 
Obsurvus' topographic surveys use the latest GPS and Total Station technology. Like our Leica MS50: so smart, it takes remote measurements automatically, scanning and computing 1000 points per second - so our clients enjoy faster, better results. One of the world's most versatile and accurate topographic instruments, the Leica MS50 is more than the latest thing in technology - it's the only multistation in the world, and that makes it a perfect fit for Obsurvus.

Obsurvus - Expert Land Surveyors
Behind every Obsurvus surveying tool, there's an experienced surveyor. A partner who won't let you down, even in the toughest conditions. In more than 20 years, Obsurvus' team has never been asked to clarify or amend a single plan from a topographic survey. Whatever your topographical requirement - when you need a land survey you can rely on, Obsurvus measures up.

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South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive Keir National Grid The Coal Authority
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Topographic SurveysTopographic
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