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No two plots of land are identical, and no two clients are the same. That's why Obsurvus' surveys are designed around your unique needs. Whether you're building a home or laying a pipeline - an Obsurvus topographic survey will always meet your legal and professional requirements.


Obsurvus provide topographic surveys which often form the first step in a planning application process. A topographic survey captures permanent natural and man-made features on land which can then be translated onto plans for design and planning. A topographic survey captures the necessary details to allow a seamless transition through the process of applying for permissions of your development project. The survey, which is provided digitally in your preferred format, can be built to suit your requirements or that of your architects or planner. In some instances a survey of additional information is required.  

  • Internal building surveys 
  • Elevation surveys and drawings 
  • Utility surveys of drains and existing services 
  • Tree Surveys
  • Visibility surveys for access requirements 

A topographical survey will help to manage your project, providing accurate plans and details which can prevent errors or issues arising as your building project transitions through the phases until completion.  



Obsurvus provide topographical surveys in your mineral projects to satisfy planning conditions, your legal obligations, your health and safety duties and track the progress of your mineral extraction. You will routinely be required to submit progress and plans to regulating bodies such as councils and mineral owners and often the requirement of reporting volumes is required. We can conduct our topographic surveys with a range of technology and each site dictates the most efficient methods with provisions of plans and data in your preferred format.  

Over the years Obsurvus have assisted in settling mineral extraction disputes and helped clients understand volumes of material and stock to manage their operations and costs. 

Obsurvus have performed topographical surveys in coal mining, sand and gravel, chalk and stone environments and many more, including mining. 

Volumetric surveys for mineral extraction can only be as accurate as the two data sets which the volumes are calculated from and as a product it’s important that any mineral operations continue to take a practical and routine approach to their survey requirements and duties. Obsurvus can advise on frequencies and methods when it comes to capturing the survey data. 



Obsurvus provide topographical surveys in a wide range of environments, from built cities to rural landscapes. Surveys for water treatment schemes, flood prevention and planning, drainage & waste management are routine to Obsurvus. Our topographic surveys will provide you with all the digital terrain information you require to produce documents vital to the operation of your site(s). We can conduct our topographic surveys with a range of technology, even in areas with very little access or visibility. 

Over the years Obsurvus have assisted in settling waste management disputes and helped clients understand  water flow and how best to treat polluted waters in existing watercourses. Obsurvus have performed topographical surveys in waste treatment plants, recycling centres, watercourses, expansive drainage networks, abandoned quarries and peat works to name a few. 


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