From chains to laser scanners

From chains to laser scanners

Depending on your age, you’ll remember varying methods of measuring instrumentation. The older generation will remember chains (yes, a chain) and the modern surveyor might never have had the luxury of measuring this way (luckily). Modern surveyors benefit from technological advancements in their industry on a daily basis. Recovering lost data, manipulating large files of data to fit the requirement or specification for clients, gathering 1 million points per second, observing points by GPS to give a position in the world accurate to millimetres – the modern surveyor has no idea how lucky they are. Rain and weather conditions are often the most problematic for the vast majority of surveyors and even these can be overcome by the amazing instruments we use. 

Go back even 30 years and imagine the possibility of driving a road and gathering spatial data as you travel, imagine revisiting a point repeatedly to within a few millimetres in the world. Now, as modern surveyor, imagine losing this ability and observing your points by tape or chain only. The older generation can only appreciate the progress, and they do. 

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