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What really connects Obsurvus many clients? What links a FTSE 100 company to a world-famous landmark, or to a much-loved retail chain? It's not the types of project: Obsurvus surveys skyscrapers and airport control towers, church spires and soaring industrial cranes. We monitor roads, tramways and infrastructure. Tunnels and pipelines, opera houses and stately homes. So many different clients, needing so many different skills, that a connection seems almost impossible. But there is a connection: customers trust us.

Our clients

Obsurvus - Supporting British Business
Obsurvus has earned our customers' trust through two decades of superb performance, and industry regard. By proving that their surveying is rock solid, Obsurvus has helped businesses through tough times, exciting challenges, and periods of amazing growth. Obsurvus' expertise has helped Heathrow airport serve millions of new passengers, too. When you take a business trip or holiday flight, Obsurvus is right beside you.

Obsurvus - Part Of The Nation's Fabric
It not just commerce and industry Obsurvus underpins. Our surveying and monitoring has helped private buildings and public places to stay as safe as houses. Like the London Coliseum, iconic home of the English National Opera.

Obsurvus - Capable, Thanks To You
In every way, Obsurvus has stayed at the forefront of surveying because our customers demanded it. And after twenty years of delivery, trying harder becomes second nature. No matter the size of your project. No matter its complexity.  The dedication Obsurvus gives clients like B&Q, Grand Designs on a revolutionary Doncaster property, The Coal Authority or the National Grid? It's yours, too.  

Contact Obsurvus - You'll Be In Good Company.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive Obsurvus have recently completed a full survey of the embedded tram system in Sheffield. Involving documenting, controlling and providing data in relation to height of rail relative to the road surface for legal purposes. The surveys involved shifts when the system is down, at night and for a limited time only, we delivered the project earlier than planned to the client. We look forward to being involved in the next phase of the survey works required in September this year.
Cadent Obsurvus provide monitoring solutions for the infrastructure that directly supplies your homes and businesses. Our monitoring surveys ensure a safe environment for the public without interruptions to supplies and power. With the ability to measure any potential movements in the land and structures 3-dimensionally we give the confidence to National Grid of the situation, enabling decisions to be made effectively, efficiently and economically. Frequently providing topographic surveys, pipeline surveys, structural monitoring surveys and 3D scanning in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire. Obsurvus operations in conjunction with National Grid have seen provisions of survey solutions from Scotland to Berkshire.
The Coal Authority Obsurvus have been providing survey solutions for The Coal Authority for over a decade. From structural monitoring projects on chemical plants, churches and airports to topographic surveys in the most remote areas of the UK. Obsurvus land survey solutions are provided from South Wales to topographical surveys in Yorkshire. As a survey company based in Doncaster, we are ideally located for site surveys across Yorkshire and the UK. Monitoring requiring sub-millimetre accuracy and topographic surveys over large areas of land are the norm for Obsurvus.