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It’s never easy trying to define Obsurvus’ services, they simply cover too much ground. Whether its a built up environment, water, natural or mineral - one thing is guaranteed, Obsurvus will always deliver monitoring and surveying solutions that exceed your requirements.

The Built Environment

The Built Environment

From survey works in a city, town or street environment, Obsurvus will deliver your survey requirements quickly and easily. Our flexible service ensures we handle and interpret your surveying project in a format that’s right for you. Whether our clients require our assistance with BIM, Control Network Surveys, Topographic Surveys or asset management of your infrastructure we can deliver the results your project relies on.

BIM is a process involving capturing, generating, managing and designing digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places, sites and environments. BIM helps to deliver projects in a seamless process with cheaper, faster and more thorough deliverables for all construction and design projects. BIM surveys can be conducted in any environment, from bridges, tunnels, buildings and manmade structures in any circumstance.

A control survey may be required to monitor movement or stability, provide control for your construction or refurbishment projects, allow dimensional data for engineering works or calculate volumes or stockpiles.

Topographic surveys are the bread and butter of all surveyors, accurately capturing the important features on site by agreement of specifications, utilised to create terrain models for drainage or optimal design works on your development projects or planning processes.

All our topographic surveys can be produced to your requirements, in 2D or 3D formats for yourself and your clients/team to benefit.

The Water Environment

The Water Environment

“Hydrography is the branch of applied sciences which deals with the measurement and description of the physical features of oceans, seas, coastal areas, lakes and rivers, as well as with the prediction of their change over time”.

Obsurvus provide survey solutions for flood risk assessments, channel surveys, river or stream profiling and coastal engineering involving coastal erosion models. Surveys to quantify water depth can be obtained by physically dipping, echo sounding or even sonar can be deployed to facilitate the detection of the depth of water bodies or identify potential hazards submerged below the surface.

Obsurvus surveyors can provide survey data in the formats required for your projects, from simple volumes, bed profiles to detailed models of surfaces hidden deep beneath the surface. Our GPS & GNSS survey solutions can be applied along with the above methodologies to map and produce the data our clients require.

The Natural Environment

The Natural Environment

Obsurvus supply land survey services throughout the UK in a wide range of natural environments. The natural environment requires survey data capture techniques unique to each project but our full complement of survey equipment allows us to capture data efficiently in a detailed and simple manner for our client’s requirements.

Obsurvus land surveys help to deliver solutions in floodplain environments, managing and redirecting water flow, filtering and managing water discharge and pollution into the environment or taking a birds eye view to assess extent of damaging environments, produce terrain models over a large area for assessing viability of projects and allow you to make informed decisions on how to handle your natural environment.

Quantifying and surveying forests, wooded areas, vegetation, extent of water bodies, land drainage or the impact humans have on the natural environment is second nature to Obsurvus.

The Mineral Environment

The Mineral Environment

Your minerals and assets are as important to us at Obsurvus as they are to you. Obsurvus conduct surveys for volumetric purposes, quantifying stocks, planning regulations or to produce a more efficient working environment. Obsurvus are highly experienced in producing stock surveys, volumetric surveys and any type of topographic survey to suit your mineral extraction requirements.

As chartered mineral surveyors we have the expertise to provide survey solutions in the coal, sand, stone, chalk or landfill environments.

Obsurvus have been the appointed mine surveyors for a wide range of mineral environments and currently provide our services to Albion Stone Plc who extract the famous Portland Stone for distribution across the globe to highly prestigious projects and specifications.

Contact Obsurvus mineral surveyors today to help provide you with a solution for your mineral survey requirements.

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