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It’s never easy trying to define Obsurvus’ services, they simply cover too much ground. Whether its a built up environment, water, natural or mineral - one thing is guaranteed, Obsurvus will always deliver monitoring and surveying solutions that exceed your requirements.

Drone Services/Aerial Photography & Modelling

Obsurvus operate drone solutions under fully licenced permissions to conduct commercial drone works which is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. Obsurvus have two qualified pilots who conduct works as a team throughout the UK. Our operations manual authorised by the CAA dictates a variety of factors which keep our flights legal, safe and productive. 

Our pilots assess each flight proposal prior to attending site in particular in relation to flight restrictions, privacy and safety.  

Obsurvus perform drone surveys for a range of purposes; 

Marketing in Land/Property Sales 
Mineral, Quarrying & Landfill Environments  
Roof/Structural Inspections 
3D Ground Modelling 
3D Point Clouds 
Agricultural Inspections 

Drone Services/Aerial Photography & Modelling

Boundary Disputes/Litigation

Obsurvus appreciate the complexities regarding your land, your property and their interactions with the surrounding environment and people. Obsurvus boundary surveys get it right first time. Obsurvus boundary surveys and reports are generated for a specific purpose. Obsurvus understand that your boundary survey and report, whilst instructed by our clients are prepared for the court of law, even if the case doesn’t go that far.  Obsurvus reports communicate information briefly, accurately and thoroughly. Obsurvus reports/surveys are always factual and impartial.  

Timeline Structure for legal surveys 

1. Initial Contact 
2. Initial meeting & Deposit
3. Research 
4. Site Visit & Photography 
5. Measured Survey 
6. Report Analysis & Preparation 
7. Settlement of fees
8. Presentation of report to client
9. Litigation 

To understand your requirements or discuss your situation, please make contact with us. 

Obsurvus as an Expert Witness 

Legal Boundaries 

A boundary is an imaginary line which marks the confines of division of two contiguous parcels of land. The term is also used to denote physical objects by reference to which the line of division is described as well as the division of the line its self. 
Halsbury’s Laws of England 

In practical terms, the boundary or extent of a parcel of land may be regarded as the limit up to and not beyond which the rights and obligations of ownership extend. This limit is a surface rather than a line and may be at any angle, horizontal, vertical or an inclined plane. The limit may be abstract but it isn’t imaginary.  

Natural Boundaries 

Natural boundaries are defined by natural features and as such can be subject to change over time. Examples include, a median high tide mark, centre line of vegetation, a line of trees, the centre of a river etc. 

General Boundaries 

The line of a boundary displayed on Ordnance Survey background map serves as a guide. Legal presumptions of ownership are followed if there is no explanation elsewhere in the deeds. The general boundaries rule was introduced to permit the registration of land without a detailed topographic survey or in depth descriptions of boundary features. 

Dotted lines indicate the boundary does not represent a physical feature. Such boundaries may be displayed on housing estates with open plan front gardens. 

It is common for boundary ownership to be indicated by T marks. This indicates the party responsible for boundary maintenance. Caution must be exercised and ownership must not be assumed where T marks exist.

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Boundary Disputes/Litigation


Obsurvus also offer consultancy based advice on any of the following matters but not limited to and on survey works you may have had completed, are in the process of being conducted or are planned in the future; 

Boundary Disputes and Expert Witness  
Setting Out 
Monitoring Data Reviews/Monitoring Proposals 


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