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Obsurvus - PMC Surveys, But Better. Obsurvus may be a new trading name, but it represents a proud heritage as Chartered Surveyors, and a history of satisfied clients. Obsurvus traces its origins directly to PMC Surveys, the specialist chartered surveying firm founded by Peter Munby in 1994. Peter Munby created PMC Surveys because he wanted to provide a more responsive service to under-served clients. Now, as then, Obsurvus does everything it can to deliver superb quality and professionalism.

Obsurvus - Older And Wiser
Peter's vision was a chartered surveying consultancy offering specialist surveying and mining subsidence services. A consultancy bringing first-rank abilities to mining companies, consultants, and the legal profession. A consultancy that would be more flexible, versatile, and user-friendly. Peter's vision worked: so successfully, that PMC enjoyed 20 years of growth, accumulated 60 years of in-house experience, and finally underwent one change of name in 2014 - becoming Obsurvus, the new name for a firm boasting an uninterrupted history of success. 

Obsurvus - Better With Every Project
Obsurvus enjoyed an auspicious start, with early clients including the National Grid and Coal Authority. Over time, Obsurvus' skills base has increased with every surveying project we undertake. 

Today, Obsurvus has evolved into a firm chosen by dozens of Britain's biggest companies in their sectors. And, as we've grown, we've maintained enduring relationships: we still partner the National Grid and Coal Authority. 

Obsurvus - A Capable Team
Today's Obsurvus has stayed at the forefront of new surveying technologies, and employs systems so sophisticated that they are literally the most accurate of their kind - anywhere. With new technology comes the demand for ever-higher skills: thankfully, Obsurvus has grown an in-house talent pool responsible for some of the nation's most demanding chartered surveying projects. We're still the same company - but we've grown for the better. 

We've come a long way. We're Obsurvus. Based in Doncaster to provide a survey solution nationwide.

Some of our clients...

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive Keir National Grid The Coal Authority

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