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Obsurvus - PMC Surveys, But Better. Obsurvus may be a new trading name, but it represents a proud heritage as Chartered Surveyors, and a history of satisfied clients. Obsurvus traces its origins directly to PMC Surveys, the specialist chartered surveying firm founded by Peter Munby in 1994. Peter Munby created PMC Surveys because he wanted to provide a more responsive service to under-served clients. Now, as then, Obsurvus does everything it can to deliver superb quality and professionalism.

Pete Munby


I am a Chartered Surveyor in private practice with over 45 years experience in the surveying profession. I established the business in 1994 I have taken the company through large contracts and watched it morph into the business it is today under my own guidance and enjoyed assisting Paul to bring it to a very different business to what it once was.

My background was built in the coal fields of Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire where I started my career as an apprentice colliery surveyor before developing through surveying into subsidence engineering and challenging myself to run my own surveying company. My studies took me through mine surveying and a BSc. in Surveying for Resource Development at the University of Glamorgan. I have 4 young grandchildren and enjoy travelling, cycling and motor racing.

Paul Munby


Director at Obsurvus with 20 years in the industry having started at the bottom, guided the company through rebranding, new ventures and to its current operation now.

I enjoy dealing with the day to day running of a business, developing our brand and our operations but I particularly enjoy guiding my employees through their education and helping them to apply new skills in the field.  I am proud of the services we provide and I particularly enjoy delivering large scale monitoring projects. I am working to become a full member of the RICS to back up my experience and specific surveying studies. I have a young family who occupy my spare time but when I can get time away I enjoy BBQing in all weathers, strength training and football.

Joe Fox

Surveyor & Project Coordinator

Studied Geography at Liverpool John Moores University. My research was largely centred around the mapping of contaminated sediments, from historic metal mining, on the flood plains of North Wales. I also had experience of creating flood-risk assessments and modelling, as well as using GIS software. At postgraduate-level I studied Environmental Management (Sheffield Hallam University) which considered legislation and planning.

I joined Obsurvus in July 2017 as a Land Surveyor and since then I have been involved in numerous monitoring projects which focus on ground movement and the associated structural deformation. This can range from Level monitoring, through to the use of the latest remote monitoring technology.

The Geomatics industry as a whole lends itself new technologies, data-handling and presentation, as well as diverse/complex projects – something which will always interest me. I also enjoy every opportunity to conduct a Drone survey.

Ryan Cook

Surveyor & SUA Pilot

I work at Obsurvus as part of the Surveying Team. I joined the industry back in September 2017 and been on a learning curve ever since.There is no single method right for every job so a multitude of techniques and approaches are required to achieve results that clients need, in light of this I am a trained drone pilot as well as been able to use traditional surveying techniques.

My educational background includes A-Levels in History, Physical Education and a Bachelors (Hons) degree from Wolverhampton University. My previous employment history includes sales and time spent in the British army, which is why I am at home both inside the office and out gathering data in the field.

Outside of work I have a 1-year old daughter who keeps me active by chasing her around constantly. When I do get 5 minutes to myself, I am always trying my hand a DIY as I find it very satisfying and rewarding.

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